Whimsical Garden Decor

Gnome Doors

Whimsical garden décor is just the thing to add a bit of light-hearted humor to your garden. If you shy away from a formal garden or just want to include a little fun in your over-all landscape, you will find a wide assortment of ornaments and accessories to choose from.

What Is Whimsical?

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The dictionary defines whimsical as lightly fanciful, out of the ordinary or unpredictable. What a great feeling to add to your garden! When you add some whimsical garden décor, you are assured of a smile every time you walk through it. Visitors will love it as well. Instead of being a backdrop that may seem boring to some, fanciful accents will give your guests something to remember and talk about. It may even give them a new appreciating for gardening.

Types of Garden Décor

Before adding your first piece, you need to decide if you want to add an accent or a focal point. Do you want to draw the eye to a special find? Do you want a few extra touches that add to the overall theme of your garden? Have an idea what you want and where it will fit into your landscape.

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Here are a few of the many garden ornaments that you can consider:

  • Plaques
  • Sundials
  • Statues
  • Wind chimes
  • Pinwheels/wind spinners
  • Hand painted gazing balls
  • Toad houses
  • Bird houses
  • Gnome doors
  • Handcrafted toadstools


Castle Toad House

Get creative with the placement of your garden ornaments. The idea of adding whimsy is to add the unexpected. Add a tree face on the side of a lone tree in your yard. Create a tiny garden path that disappears into a gnome door on the side of a hedge.Consider the scale of the items you are adding as well. A large statue next to a bird bath and a gazing ball will look cluttered. However, the same statue in an open area of your yard will create an interesting foal point. A garden pond will seem too busy with many whirly-gigs surrounding it. A carefully placed sundial or a unique wind chime in a nearby tree will add a nice accent. I something doesn't look quite right, move it. It is your garden so you can make the rules.

Finding Whimsical Garden Décor

There are several places where you can find an amazing selection of whimsical garden décor. Look though some catalogs for ideas and develop a theme for your garden that fits who you are and what you want your garden to say to visitors. Check out some of these great resources:

  • Redwood Bridges.com has a beautiful assortment of garden décor that is handcrafted and affordably priced. Of special interest are the adorable Gnome Doors that will add a bit of fantasy to any area of your garden, but look especially at home at the bottom of a tree. Crafted from beautiful Western Red Cedar, these doors come in three sizes. Add a few garden gnomes throughout your yard to add to your theme.
  • Etsy offers some of the cutes toad house you will find anywhere. Some are similar to fairy houses while others are shaped like leaves, mushrooms and stumps.
  • A Garden Place is the place to find decorative toadstools made from stoneware or copper. Handcrafted in a variety of rich colors, you can also include a few pixies to add some extra whimsy. Place near a quaint toad house and you have an unforgettable little scene.
  • Garden Fun has the funkiest collection of garden ornaments anywhere. Colorful and just a bit silly, these are yard ornaments that will make anyone smile. Check out the Geeky Beeks collection, made from metal and cast resin. Each one is painted with bright, UV protected paint for many years of giggles in your garden. Geeky Beeks are just the beginning of the fun you will find at Garden Fun.
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