Tobacco field

Tobacco (Nicotiana) - Stout half-hardy annuals of rapid growth. The varieties differ chiefly in the stoutness and the height of their stems, and in size of their leaves and flowers, these differences depending largely on cultivation. Seed must be sown in February in a warm house or frame. Prick off the plants as soon as they appear, and pot them in a genial heat of, say, 60. Then about the end of May fine plants will be ready for putting out from 6 or 8-inch pots. They will start off at once, and not cease growing until frost comes. The most useful of all is N. affinis, used largely in gardens large and small, in distinct groups or with other things. It is much smaller in leaf and habit than such kinds as N. macrophylla, and therefore more suitable for small gardens.

Tobacco Pictures

Lobelia berlandieri A. DC. - Berlandier's lobelia
Nicotiana attenuata Torr. ex S. Wats. - coyote tobacco
Nicotiana obtusifolia Mertens
Nicotiana attenuata Torr. ex S. Wats. - coyote tobacco
Lobelia cardinalis L. - cardinalflower
Lobelia flaccidifolia Small - foldear lobelia

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Nicotiana Sanderae

Nicotiana Sanderae - A hybrid form of rich and varied color, of easy culture for the flower garden.

Nicotiana Sylvestris

Nicotiana Sylvestris - Is one of the most ornamental of these plants. Vigorous habited, it often reaches 3 to 5 feet high, producing over a long season endless numbers of long tubular white flowers. In some instances the flowers remain open throughout the day.

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