South Florida Gardening Guides

South Florida Gardening Guide
South Florida Gardening Guide

South Florida gardening guides provide instruction and advice on what, how and when to grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, trees and shrubs. The unique climate, geography and soil of south Florida make such a guide essential, especially for people moving to the area who are used to growing plants in different gardening zones.

South Florida Gardening Guides

No matter what your gardening interests, there's a website that will either provide you with information, sell you plants, or help you discover something new. Most of these sites cover the entire state of Florida, but plant information and references can be adjusted for the unique, semi tropical and tropical climate of south Florida.

South Florida is gardening zone 10, which means year round gardening fun. With average winter temperatures never dipping below 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, south Florida gardeners can grow many vegetables, herbs and flowers throughout the seasons, including winter, although some tender plants may still need a cold frame or other assistance through frosty nights.

Online Guides

The following online resources cover many aspects of gardening.

  • Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide: This downloadable PDF is actually a small booklet that you can print and use to create a vegetable garden. It covers vegetable growing from start to finish, including tips on how to draw a scale plan, vegetables to select, and considerations for Florida gardens.
  • What Vegetables Grow in South Florida? Another great website for vegetable gardeners. It offers more detailed information specific to south Florida.
  • North American Butterfly Association: There is indeed an association dedicated to butterfly gardening! They include specific information on south Florida gardens. The good news is that you can grow many tropical plants such as lantana year-round which attract many species of butterflies. It's a great resource if you love butterfly gardens and beautiful flowers.


Many gardeners appreciate books and enjoy them at times when computers aren't accessible. There are numerous South Florida gardening guides and general Florida gardening guides to help you grow everything from citrus trees to flowers, palms, vegetables and more. Try any of the following books:

Local Help

Contact your county Cooperative Extension office and discover courses, free resources, and more. Many offer advice for gardeners and diagnostic services to help you pinpoint plant diseases, insect infestations, and more. You can find the phone number or website online or in the local telephone book.

For More Information

The three best resources for Florida gardeners are those sponsored by the state and the Florida Cooperative Extension services. Explore these websites at your leisure. They provide gardening information but also resources for home, food preparation and more.

  • Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences: Don't let the big insect on the home page turn you off. You can learn a lot about how to grow all sorts of plants on this website, as well as discover new methods of pest control and much more.
  • University of Florida Cooperative Extension: The website is called Solutions for Your Life, and with good reason. They have solutions for every common type of garden and homemaking problem. Learn proper hurricane preparation, refrigeration techniques and gardening information.
  • Florida Landscaping Solutions: This is another website run by the Cooperative Extension office, but it's focused more on landscaping issues than on home and garden.

No matter what you enjoy growing or your preferences for receiving information, there's plenty of help available. South Florida gardening guides encompass online, in person and print resources and offer something for everyone.

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South Florida Gardening Guides