Tree Identification

Tree Identification Starts With Leaves

Tree identification begins with looking at the leaves, bark, flowers and fruit of a tree. Each of these things has identifying characteristics which will help you discover what type of tree you have. Where the tree grows can also help you determine what it is.

Royal Palm

The Palm tree is easy to identify by the palm fronds and trunk. Take this a step further and identify the specific type of Palm tree.

Bald Cypress

The Cypress tree is a familiar sight in the swamps of the southern United States. They can be identified by their bark and shape of the trunk, as well as where it lives.

Weeping Willows in Central Park

Weeping Willow trees are a familiar sight near waterways- easily identified by their leaves and shape.

Sugar Maple Leaves

The Maple tree can be identified by its leaves, which are one of the first to turn color in the fall.

Acorns from Oak Trees

The fruit of the tree can help you identify it too, such as these Oak tree acorns.

Magnolia Flower

The flowers that bloom on the Magnolia tree are familiar in the southern United States.

White Birch Tree

The bark of this tree can help you identify it as a White Birch.

Black Walnut Tree

Sometimes a combination of leaves, bark and fruit can help with tree identification, as with the Black Walnut tree.

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Tree Identification