Boxwood Shrub Pictures

Boxwood shrub pictures present boxwood in all its splendor. This deer resistant shrub provides year-round greenery. There are 30 species of boxwood found throughout the world, but in the United States, gardeners plant mostly Buxus sempervirens and Buxus microphylla. Boxwood thrives in well drained soil and a sunny location. It tends to be shallow-rooted, and benefits from a thick layer of mulch to protect the roots. Boxwood lives for many years and easily attains heights of ten feet or more if they aren't pruned.

Boxwood Creates a Natural Screen

Boxwood forms a natural evergreen hedge. It can be used for screening.

Boxwood is Deer Resistant

Boxwood is naturally deer resistant and can be planted in areas where deer browsing is a problem.

Pruning Encourages Growth

Boxwood should be pruned when it is young to encourage branching.

Create Shapes in Boxwood

Boxwood can be pruned into many intricate shapes.

Topiary Boxwood

Many gardeners use boxwood to create topiaries, like this dog-shaped topiary. Topiaries can take years to create.

Formal Garden Edging

Landscapers often use boxwood to create formal edging for garden paths.

Traditional Landscape Use

When used with a brick path and garden gate, boxwood edging creates a traditional look.

Different Shapes of Boxwood

If planting many boxwood shrubs, trimming them into different shapes adds variety and interest.

Boxwood Outlines

This stunning garden bed uses only boxwood as an outline, yellow rose tree standards, and masses of purple flowers for a bold statement.

Container Grown Boxwood

Box may also be grown in planters or containers to use on decks or flank entrances. Select a variety such as this Kingsville dwarf boxwood to meet your shrubbery needs.

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Boxwood Shrub Pictures