Self Waterer for Garden

Automatic irrigation saves time.

You can save a tremendous amount of time throughout the season simply by investing in a self waterer for garden irrigation. There are several types of systems to choose from. Check out a few below and decide exactly the kind of self watering system that is best for you.

Try a Self Waterer for Garden Convenience

There are so many kinds of self watering devices for gardeners today; you may find the selection overwhelming. Before you dive in and start shopping, decide first what type of gardening you will want a self waterer for. Will you be container gardening or will your garden be planted directly in the ground?

Container Garden Self Watering Systems

Self Watering Pots

If you will be container gardening, or even if you just have a few house plants, you will appreciate the time saved by using a self waterer. For garden containers, you can find a wide selection of pots with a built in trough that allows you to add water to the bottom. It is then absorbed into the soil gradually. Some of these self watering containers include a wicking system that helps the water to make its way to the soil above. Containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate nearly any type of plant. They are also made from many different materials to fit into any garden theme or landscape design. Many will look great in your home or on your patio as well.

Water Absorbing Mats

You can turn an ordinary pot or container into a self waterer as well. These mats can hold up to a quart of water which will be absorbed over about a week's time. This is a terrific time saver for outdoor potted plants that may normally need more frequent watering during the hot summer months.Simply cut to fit the bottom of the container that you will be using. After placing it in the bottom, add you potting soil and then your plant. Check the soil periodically for moisture and add water as necessary.

Gel Crystals

Gel crystals can absorb 200 times their weight in water. At one time they were only used by florists but today they are commonly used as a soil additive. They are a great addition to borders as well as flower pots and vases.

In Ground Garden Systems

If you plant your gardens directly in the ground--whether they be flower or vegetable gardens-a self waterer for garden irrigation is a very efficient way to water in terms of water use and time savings.

Automatic Water Systems

This is like a sprinkler system for your garden instead of your lawn. Typically these are set on timers so they will turn on and off at a specified time. A system like this allows you to go to work or anywhere else and your garden is still watered when it needs it. It is also a great option if you will be going on vacation and don't want to worry about your garden while you are gone.

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses are probably the most efficient way of using a self watering system. Lay soaker hoses along garden rows and then just turn on the hoses as needed. The pliable hoses can be placed around any shape of garden and you control when and how long the water runs. Water is going directly to the roots when this type of system is used, so water use is the most efficient.

Drip Irrigation

These systems can be a bit complicated so be sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer. One advantage is that they can be customized to fit any size garden or greenhouse. If you expand (or reduce) your garden space, you can adjust the size of your watering system to fit. This is because the system is made up of individual components that are pieced together with tubing.

DIY Waterers

If you are on a tight budget but still need a way to save time watering, try making your own self waterers. Just collect some empty milk jugs or two liter bottles. Punch some holes in the bottom and place them next to your plants. Now fill with water as needed. The water is absorbed into the soil gradually as the plants need it

For additional water efficiency, mulch your plants a few inches deep. This will reduce evaporation and keep roots cool and moist. By using a combination of self watering systems and a good mulch, you can save time and water. This will result in healthy, productive plants that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

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