Ryobi Weed Eater

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The Ryobi weed eater is a popular model of string trimmer or lawn edging machine that creates a clean edge to any lawn. The machines generally get good reviews, but some users report frustration with their Ryobi models.

Overview of the Ryobi String Trimmer

This weed eater is made by the Ryobi power tool company, a part of Hong Kong based TTI. The company makes many types of weed eaters which vary in their horsepower and accoutrements. All sport the company's telltale yellow handle and the Ryobi brand name.

Types of Ryobi Weed Eaters Available

The company offers ten different weed eaters. There are both gas and electric powered machines available as well as rechargeable, cordless trimmers. Some are string trimmers, while others have a cutting blade. The average homeowner will likely find a gas-powered string trimmer or weed eater works well for Saturday-morning lawn care and keeping the suburban lawn nicely edged.

Weed Eater Features

There are several standard sizes for trimmers, including 12 inch, 17 inch and 18 inch, which refers to the area trimmed. The larger the area or size, the more expensive the model. You can determine how big of a trimmer you need when you consider the size of the lawn or area you plan to trim.

Many of the Ryobi models feature:

  • Easy line advancement to feed the string into the trimmer effortlessly and automatically
  • Bump guard, which keeps the string from the trimmer from hitting selected plants or hard objects that can break the string
  • Anti-vibration or ergonomic handles for ease of use and comfort
  • Attachments to transform the weed eater into a pruner, tiller, or other gardening tools with attachments purchased separately

Where to Buy a Ryobi

New Ryobi power tools may be purchased at Home Depot stores in the United States and Canada. They are also the authorized seller of reconditioned (used) Ryobi tools.

Consumer Feedback

Consumers generally agree Ryobi trimmers and weed eaters are easy to start. They are also fairly easy to handle and get the job done adequately. Many consumers complain the string on the trimmer is difficult to change and the instructions are confusing.

By far the biggest complaint is stalling in certain models among the gas-powered series. The engines run for about 15 to 20 minutes to an hour, then stall as if they are out of fuel, yet the machine has enough fuel to run. Cleaning the spark plug appears to fix the problem. Although most engines with spark plugs need the plug changed or cleaned periodically, this can cause the gas powered Ryobi models to stall more frequently. It's an easy problem to solve, but one you may want to know about.

A Very Useful Garden Tool

With such a versatile machine and with attachments for many of the models to convert them into hedge trimmers and other power tools, you can easily spend a day using your Ryobi trimmer to tidy up the garden. Use the weed eater to edge the lawn or hack away weeds that have grown in an area where you can't easily pull them or trim them with the lawn mower. Always follow the manufacturer's care and instruction advice in the user's manual and use your weed eater or trimmer with care and caution. Safety eyewear protects the eyes from bits and pieces of weeds cast about by the trimmer, and proper use of electric power tools ensures safety. For more information about Ryobi weed eaters please visit the company's website.

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Ryobi Weed Eater