Rosebud Geranium

Geraniums add a focal point anywhere.

If you are looking for a lovely addition to your home or garden, consider a Rosebud geranium. They will add a touch of simple elegance to any place they are added. You could even start a collection! There are so many to choose from.

A Geranium by Another Name

What most people know as a geranium is actually a pelargonium. Pelargoniums are not very cold hardy as true geraniums are. They need winter protection. However, they are very common and well loved by gardeners everywhere, no matter what they are called.

Basic care for these flowers is simple: six to eight hours of sunlight, well drained, fertile soil. Something most gardeners happily supply to have these versatile flowers around their home.

Uses for Geranium

It is believed that geraniums have medicinal properties. Its essential oil is often used in skin care products. Another possible benefit is as an insect repellant. However, before using your geraniums for anything other than a thing of beauty, be sure you consult an expert. If you are unknowingly sensitive to something in the plant, you could make yourself very sick.

What is a Rosebud Geranium?

A Rosebud geranium is a lovely specimen to have and collect. Of the five categories that geraniums are divided into, Rosebud types fall into the zonal type. The classification of "zonal" means that the leaves are divided into zones. You will see a dark band around the leaf that differentiates zonal geraniums from other types.

Lovely patterned leaves are not the most striking part of this type of geranium however. It is known for its show-stopping blooms that are so tightly gathered they can't even open completely. These full heads of delicate flowers resemble a bouquet of roses, hence the name.

Other geranium types include:

  • Fancy-often with different colored leaves
  • Ivy-with ivy shaped leaves
  • Scented-rose, lemon, peppermint fragrance
  • Regal-also known as Martha Washington

Many Varieties

Rosebud geraniums come in over 1000 varieties. Some are very rare and difficult to come by. Others you will enjoy collecting in your own garden. Take advantage of the many color variations by creating potted arrangements as well as planting them creatively in the ground. You could easily dedicate an entire garden space to Rosebud geraniums and still not see all the types there are.

  • Appleblossom Rosebud is perhaps the oldest of the Rosebud geraniums dating back to Victorian times. Even though it may be considered an antique, its gorgeous pink-edged white petals with green centers are timeless.
  • Westdale Appleblossom has the same white petal with pink edges. The leaves, however, are amazing with their green and white coloring that stand out in your garden.
  • Black Pearl is a traditional deep red color that appeals to most geranium lovers.
  • Scarlet Rosebud is a bright red flower that is very popular.
  • White Rosebud has only white flowers with green leaves. A notable contrast with other varieties.
  • Noel Gordon shares its name with a famous actress. Its delicate pink blossoms look striking with red Rosebud geranium varieties.
  • Red Rambler is another dark red variety with a lighter underside of the petals.
  • Plum Rambler is the reddish-purple version of the Red Rambler.

Finding Rosebud Geraniums

If you are unable to find a Rosebud geranium at your local nursery or garden center, there are also sources online where you can order your favorite variety. Shady Hill Gardens has an outstanding variety of Rosebud geraniums as well as other types of geraniums. If an Appleblossom is the variety you want, visit Logee's for their pick.

Just One More?

Having a hard time choosing? Like most gardeners, you may have to find room in your garden for "just one more". Be careful not to overcrowd them, as tempting as that may be, because overcrowding makes your geraniums prone to disease. After all the time you've spent trying to narrow down the outstanding choices of Rosebud geraniums available to you, you will want to be sure you don't lose any.

Take good care of them and you will be rewarded year after year with beautiful splashes of color throughout your landscape and your home.

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