Resin Patio Pavers

A simple backyard patio layout.

Resin patio pavers provide homeowners with a low-cost way to improve their landscape. Resin pavers can be used to create patios and walkways without the work and investment required with traditional paving projects. These projects may also be completed within hours instead of days.

Resin Patio Pavers

Resin pavers are made from plastic instead of concrete or stone. They are lightweight and will withstand extreme weather conditions for years before showing wear. They may be constructed to interlock with other resin pavers, or they may be individual pavers, such as a single circle or large square. The type of project you choose will determine which types, as well as the cost, of your patio pavers.

These pavers come in many different colors and styles to mimic traditional stone pavers. These styles include the following:

  • Brick
  • Granite
  • Sand
  • Slate
  • Stone


Planning where to install your resin pavers is similar to that of installing traditional pavers. Marking off the area where the pavers will be installed is done to calculate the number of pavers required for the project. Since these pavers can't be cut easily, as stone or brick can, spacing them correctly is essential for the success of the project. It is advisable to lay the pavers out where you want them prior to pressing them into the ground. This way, you won't have to pull them back out if a particular configuration doesn't work in the selected area.

Installing Resin Pavers

Resin pavers require few tools, making them easy for just about everyone to install. These pavers are constructed with long plastic teeth that sink into the ground. A rubber mallet can be used to tap them into the ground, or they may simply be walked over to secure them firmly. Resin pavers may even be installed on uneven ground. Over time, these pavers sink into the ground, giving them the appearance of paving stones that were traditionally installed.

Maintaining Resin Pavers

Since resin patio pavers are constructed of durable plastic, they are maintenance free. They resist cracking and fading, even in sunny locations. Lawnmowers can easily be run over top of them and little or no trimming may be needed afterwards due to their low profile on the ground. If one of these pavers ever does need replacing, they can be easily pulled up from the ground and another can be tamped down into place.

Where to Find Resin Pavers

For those that would like to create an instant patio or walkway, finding these resin pavers is easy. Many local do-it-yourself businesses keep these pavers in stock, as do many online retailers.

The following stores carry a wide range of colors, styles and sizes of resin pavers:

  • Home Depot - Sells a variety of resin pavers in boxes. Depending on the size and number of pavers to a box, prices range from about $67 to $154 a box.
  • Walmart - Found seasonally in their garden department.
  • Target - Also found seasonally in their garden department.
  • - Offers a variety of resin or synthetic pavers. The average cost per box of 12 is approximately $80.

Durable and Versatile Resin Patio Pavers

Resin patio pavers may be used in a variety of ways including laying walkways, patios and driveways. These pavers are durable and will resist normal wear and tear like their brick and stone counterparts. These may be ideal for individuals who live in cold climates, because when the frost heaves the ground, the pavers can be easily pushed back down in the springtime, even on uneven ground. They are also perfect for the homeowner on a budget. A patio made of plastic pavers can be constructed in a few hours for under $500, whereas a brick or stone patio may cost several thousand dollars. For the do-it-yourself landscaper, these pavers make for the perfect weekend home improvement project.

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Resin Patio Pavers