Oregon Seedlings

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Oregon seedlings, like California seedlings, can be obtained from state-run nursery programs as well as private growers. They offer many advantages, particularly to people living in Oregon who want to replant large forest areas with native species.

Why Choose Native Plants

Oregon is considered one of the best growing areas in the nation for trees and shrubs. The abundant rainfall and generally mild climate, as well as the soil, encourage many species to flourish. Oregon is also noted for its beautiful forests and thriving forestry industry. Home owners and land owners are encouraged to replant native species with Oregon seedlings.

Replacing Lost Habitat

In addition to thick forests, Oregon is noted for its varied habitats and ecosystems, each with its own distinct shrubs, grasses and trees. Much of this original habitat has been lost to development, agriculture, and laws to prevent burning. Throughout the centuries, Native Americans set controlled fires which maintained the prairie-type grass habitat that nurtured small game. Today, it's possible to recreate such habitats in special, protected areas using a variety of native trees, shrubs and seedlings and techniques to mimic the controlled burns of yesteryear. Prairies, wetlands, forests and the unique Oregon White Oak Woodlands habitat create a diverse ecosystem that allows nature to thrive.

Buying and planting Oregon seedlings supports the diversity of plant species and replaces growth lost to development, agriculture and forestry. Whether planting one Douglas fir or a whole grove of white oak, purchasing seedlings from local growers ensures that plants are suitable for, and well adapted to, local conditions.

About Oregon Seedlings

Many nurseries for both wholesale and retail trade may be found through Oregon. You can purchase Oregon seedlings at state run nurseries, private nurseries, or your local home and garden center.

Oregon State Nurseries

Like many states, Oregon runs a special program to provide quality seedlings to the public. By providing plants at low or no cost, the state encourages land owners to grow species that will nurture habits and wildlife.

The Oregon Department of Forestry provides comprehensive information on the Oregon seedling program run out of the D.L. Phipps Forest Nursery. One and two year old seedlings are available to the public and are harvested late November through March. Conifers, deciduous trees and riparian trees (suited for wetlands and areas near water) are all available.

Private Nurseries

Many private nurseries offer direct sales of Oregon seedlings or mail and internet orders. Heritage Seedlings offers specially selected seedlings to the public at reasonable prices. These seedlings are carefully selected and raised to replace native species or add to the existing natural landscape. They do offer a catalog and online sales. Potential customers should note that they are a wholesale nursery, and have a minimum order size of $500. If that sounds steep, perhaps you can join with other neighbors or members of your garden club to place an order.Other nurseries that offer Oregon seedlings may be wholesale or retail; check with the specific nursery or on their website for policies and ordering information.

Some Oregon nurseries that offer a large variety of quality seedlings include:

  • Brooks Tree Farm, which offers conifers, Christmas trees, hardwoods and more.
  • IFA Nurseries, which offers both bare root and container grown seedlings. They have a selection of native species too as well as suitable conifers, hardwoods and others.
  • Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch offers hands-on, personal service and a good selection of seedlings.
  • Weyerhaeuser Seedlings provides a huge variety of different tree seedlings.

Local Garden Centers

For those who want to shop at local retail stores, check the plant labels to see their origin. Many retail home and garden centers throughout the United States buy Oregon seedlings. If none are in stock, they may be able to order them for you. Ask the store manager if you're interested in something special to see if he or she can order it for you.

Oregon seedlings provide great value and quality. Whether you choose to replant an area or create a windbreak in a field, seedlings replace valuable lost trees and offer wildlife new homes.

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Oregon Seedlings