Nemesia are pretty hardy annuals of the simplest culture.

Flower Types

  • N. floribunda, growing about 1 foot high, and bearing in summer fragrant Linaria-like blossoms, white with yellow throats.
  • N. versicolor has blue, lilac, or yellow and white blossoms; and its variety compacta, blue and white flowers.
  • N. strumosa the flowers display a variety of colors, white, pale yellow, and shades between pink and deep crimson. It grows 12 to 15 inches high, and has five or six stems, each of which bears a head of flowers, blooming from summer until late in autumn.

How to Grow

If sown in ordinary soil in masses in early spring and then well thinned, the plants will have a pretty effect for several weeks after June. The blue forms are charming in effect, but seem less impressive when dying out. Sow in heat in March, and transplant the seedlings in May, or sow in the open ground after the middle of May.

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