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Killing Weeds

Natural weed killer is effective at getting rid of weeds while remaining safe for the environment. Not all natural based weed killers are organic, but many of these products are better for the user than chemical based weed killers.

What Are Natural Weed Killer Products?

Weeds destroy lawns, look bad and can make allergies worse for sufferers. For all of these reasons, many homeowners seek out solutions for fighting weeds. There are several benefits to using a natural product to kill weeds. If you have a yard to maintain, and you want it to be weed free, consider the effectiveness of natural products.

Natural products are usually far less expensive than chemical based products available through the store. Keep in mind; you can now purchase some natural based weed killers at home improvement stores and garden centers, which are likely to be the same price as chemical products. You can also turn to your kitchen.

  • Natural products are non-toxic. You can feel comfortable allowing your children and pets into the grass after spraying these products.
  • Most work quickly. Because they are natural, they have a significant effect on weeds.
  • These products do not harm your grass and they do not damage the soil. Some chemical based products are likely to add contaminants to the soil you may not want there.
  • You can feel comfortable spraying these products in gardens and on trees that produce fruit. They do not damage the quality or safety of your fruits and vegetables.

For all of these reasons, many people turn to weed killers that are safe to use. These products have grown in popularity recently as more people look for organic or environmentally safe products to have in the home.

Store Bought or Homemade

Those looking for weed killers can purchase premade products from the same locations where chemical based products are available. On the other hand, some simple products in your kitchen can also offer weed killing benefits without harming you.

Vinegar Works

The most popular solution for homemade weed killers is vinegar. To use this product, add white vinegar (avoid using other types) into a spray bottle. Then, spray the vinegar directly on the weeds. Ensure you cover the leaves and stem of the weeds. Within just a few hours, the weeds will wilt and are likely to die off within a day or so.

Vinegar works well because of the acetic acid in the vinegar. That acid kills burns the foliage of the weed where it encounters it. Then, the vinegar seeps into the soil and reduces the pH level of the soil surrounding the weed. This makes it difficult for the weed to re-grow since it does not have the nutrients it needs from the soil to do so. Keep in mind vinegar will kill your plants as well. Make sure you only spray what you want to kill.

Organic Based

Another option is to turn to an organic, store bought product. Store bought organic weed killers are ideal for situations where there is a significant amount of weeds in the area. Spraying individual weeds can be time consuming. In addition, these products are a good option for gardens where vegetables and fruits are grown.When buying these products, purchase quality products after reading through the description provided. It is important to ensure the ingredients are words you recognize. Some products may have the label "natural" but may contain some types of chemicals in them. Rather, look for products labeled "organic" which contain no chemicals. Double-check this before purchasing.

Caring for Your Lawn

Perhaps the best way have a great looking yard is to not have to use natural weed killers. Take measures throughout the year to ensure your garden and lawn remain healthy. Use organic fertilizers and weed killing products as recommended by manufacturers. Ensure that you remove pests from the lawn as well. Keep the grass trimmed. When you do notice a weed popping up, remove it or use one of the natural weed killers described here. This prevents the weeds from spreading quickly.

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