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Let your imagination soar.

From landscaping ideas to the latest and greatest gardening equipment, Garden Design magazine is a feast for the senses and a catalyst for inspired gardens.

Garden Design Magazine

Garden Design magazine is published by Bonnier Corporation. The magazine also runs the website, Garden Design with additional content, columns and a blog written by the magazine's editor.


Garden Design magazine focuses on exterior gardening, from the selection of landscape designs to the installation of hardscapes, such as patios, pools, decks and walkways. According to the company's Editorial Content document, Garden Design has a holistic focus on the landscape. They view the parts of the landscape, from the plants to the man-made objects, as an integrated whole that creates a unique design perspective.


Each issue of Garden Design features the following columns and information:

  • Fresh: In this section, the magazine's staff focuses on news and information. You'll find the latest trends, tips, techniques and news on garden design, from the cutting-edge to the innovative.
  • Plant Palette: With myriad choices available, garden designers turn to Garden Design's Plant Palette column for an in-depth look at one particular plant or plant family. The emphasis is on how to incorporate the plants into the landscape design.
  • Style: Is your garden gnome laughable or laudable? Turn to Style, where the editors highlight garden design elements such as garden statues that are in the current fashion.
  • Swatch Watch: As you select your outdoor living furniture, turn to the Swatch Watch column for fabric ideas. Remember that the fabric pillows, cushions and covers on your patio and pool furniture also add to the overall landscape picture.
  • Garden Gourmet: Many garden designs now feature outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas. From the elaborate outdoor bars and cooking areas to simple cooking fireplaces, you'll find design ideas and product recommendations to create a fabulous living space in the garden for cooking, dining and entertaining.
  • Groundbreaker: If you enjoy learning about the people behind the art, then turn to Groundbreaker. Each issue profiles one of the great names in landscape design.
  • Landscape: The Landscape section features profiles on garden design in the public arena. From museum and library landscapes to new parks, you'll see wonderful public venues to visit.
  • Living Green: Beauty doesn't have to ruin the planet. Living Green features organic, earth-friendly techniques for landscape design and product selection.
  • On Design: Have a question for a top landscape designer? Ask it through the On Design column.

A Sneak Peek

In upcoming months, Garden Design has a wonderful slate of topics planned to tantalize their readers. Visit some of the world's most luxurious spa gardens through the glossy pages of Garden Design. Trek from the exotic locales of Bali and Brazil to the backyards of New Jersey for profiles on great landscape designs, and ideas for how you can achieve the look no matter where you live. In the fall, look for issues dedicated to green, ecologically sound projects, and for Christmas, ideas to design floral arrangements and other elegant ideas for holiday landscaping.


Subscribe to Garden Design magazine online. They offer both a print and digital subscription option. Garden Design is published seven times a year. The digital and print versions are both $11.97 per year, which saves you approximately 71 percent off the cover price if you purchase the magazine at the newsstand. The digital version saves paper and ink, something that the ecologically minded readers of Garden Design love!

Whether you choose to peruse Garden Design's website, their digital edition, or thumb through a print copy, let your imagination soar. Vivid color photos, creative design ideas, and earth-friendly advice make Garden Design one of the hottest magazines for trendy landscape design.

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Garden Design Magazine