Garden Butterfly Lantern

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A garden butterfly lantern must fulfill several criteria. It must be waterproof and durable, for it will be exposed to wind, rainwater and temperature fluctuations. It must be attractive since it will adorn the butterfly garden, which hopefully is the show stopper in your garden design. Lastly, it must be easy to use - and relatively inexpensive!

Light Your Garden With a Butterfly Lantern

Butterflies feed during the day and do not need illumination for nighttime feeding. If any butterflies remain aloft at dusk, they'll find a sheltered spot to rest overnight. Therefore you really don't need lanterns or lighting in the butterfly garden. They're more for decoration than practicality. Lanterns may also add practical garden illumination, such as lights along a pathway.

Lantern Considerations

Before purchasing any garden lanterns, you must consider certain facts. Lanterns placed in the garden need a source of power. Do you have electricity in the garden? If not, are you willing to have a professional, licensed electrician run electrical wires out to where you want your butterfly lantern?

Solar powered lanterns are also an option. Solar lanterns work by harnessing the energy of the sun, storing it in a battery, and lighting up at night using power from the battery. Some have a separate battery pack about the size of a pack of playing cards that must be positioned in bright, full sunshine for six to eight hours or more every day in order to recharge. The cord connecting the lantern to the battery pack must reach far enough so that if the lantern is in the shade, at least the battery pack is exposed to direct sunlight. Other lanterns have what is called a photo cell strategically placed in the upper portion of the lantern to absorb sunshine. These lanterns must be placed in areas of full sunlight or the solar power won't work. And although solar powered garden accessories sound ideal, they actually include conventional batteries inside the power packs that must be replaced periodically.

Always buy lanterns marked specifically for garden or outdoor use. These must be manufactured to withstand wind and rainwater, and be tested to ensure safety. That's especially important with electrical cords and lights; you never want to mix water and electricity!

Some lanterns use lamp oil or candles. They can be decorated with butterfly motifs to continue the theme of your garden. These are fine for occasional use, but always supervise their use carefully. Don't leave them burning unattended, and don't use them on a windy day or around items that can easily catch on fire if the lantern tips over in the wind.

Lantern Designs

There are many lanterns to choose from with a butterfly motif. Look for long lasting, durable lanterns, such as bronze, copper, other metals or composites, or stone. Many lights are shaped like butterflies or contain butterfly images on a string, like Christmas tree lights. There's really a huge variety of colors, sizes and shapes of lanterns with a butterfly theme, so check with your local home and garden store or browse a few sources online.

  • Butterfly Lantern: This metal lantern with butterfly motif adds an elegant touch to the garden, patio or other outdoor area.
  • Wall Mounted Butterfly Lantern: This attractive lantern mounts directly onto a wall. Use it on a garage wall, patio wall, or the side of your home. The body of the butterfly lights up, casting decorative illumination.
  • The Silver Mesh Butterfly Lights: Available from a UK Supplier (but similar models may be found in the United States), this string of mesh butterfly-shaped lights is perfect for the patio or garden area. They hang up just like Christmas lights and can be used to adorn a patio or decorate a topiary for gentle illumination.

There are also many paper lanterns sporting butterfly themes. Unless otherwise specified, such lanterns can be used as party accents but should be taken indoors and stored away from rain.

Check Your Local Garden Accent Store

A lantern can be a lovely accessory if chosen and cared for properly. Check your local garden supply and accents store for beautiful butterfly lanterns to add decorative touches to your garden patio.

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