Free Tree Seedling

There are many different ways to get a free tree seedling. On Arbor Day, there are free trees shipped from companies like the Arbor Day Foundation as well as local nurseries and governments. Announcements usually appear in the local newspaper.

Check Local Organizations

Check with local organizations, particularly cabinet makers, lumber yards and those in the lumber industry. Many want to give back to the community by planting as many trees as possible and will offer free saplings for the asking.

Free Tree Seedlings at School

Some high schools and colleges offer a horticulture program and either give away or sell very cheaply tree seedlings to those who are interested in planting the trees on their property. Try calling your local Extension Office for information.

As Wedding Favors

A unique idea for a wedding favor is to give out free tree seedlings as a celebration of life. Personalize the seedlings with a small card asking the family to plant the tree to help celebrate your new life together. While not all the guests will plant the seedlings, many will and you'll have the joy of knowing that the trees are growing as your love for one another does over the years.

Local Nurseries

Local nurseries and greenhouses will sometimes offer very small seedlings for free.

Ask Friends and Family

Another option is to ask a friend of family member for seedlings from their yards. If you've seen a tree that you like in particular, you may want to get a seedling of that tree and nurture it into adulthood.

Planting Seedlings for School

Teachers and home educators may want to encourage their students to plant a tree to gain a sense of community and to give something back, all while learning about science. Many organizations will donate free seedlings for this purpose.

Not Trash but Trees

Talk to your local nursery and home centers about taking any sickly looking trees off their hands. At the end of the season, many of these small trees are simply thrown away. However, with a little tender loving care, that small wilted tree may become a beautiful oak, maple or dogwood one day.

Future Seedling

One day, your tiny free seedling could turn into a bold and beautiful tree that will provide shade and comfort to your children and grandchildren.

Whether you want to plant a blue spruce, a golden maple or a pine tree, LoveToKnow's handy Tree Identification guide will help you choose which tree sappling is perfect for your family.

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Free Tree Seedling