Free Gardening Magazines

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Garden magazines offer a wealth of inspiration for beautiful gardens

Free gardening magazines enhance your gardening education. Learn new techniques, explore plant varieties, and enjoy lush photography in your favorite garden magazines. You can learn more about vegetable gardening, flower gardening, roses, herbs, and organic gardening through some of the more popular magazines. Collect articles and photos and paste into your garden journal for inspiration and information.


Borrow Magazines from the Public Library

Visit your local public library for a wealth of gardening books, magazines and information. Most public libraries subscribe to the more common publications, and you can request that they subscribe to additional ones too. Borrow magazines at no cost and learn about your favorite hobby.

Yard Sales

Yard sales abound in the warm weather months in most areas of the country. Many gardeners find treasures at these sales, including boxes of horticultural magazines and more. Available for pennies or free to anyone willing to take them, free magazines may be just a house or two away. Check out the latest yard or garage sales and if that box of dusty magazines isn't selling by the end of the afternoon, offer to cart them away free.

Scour Freecycle

The Freecycle Network is a non-profit group that boasts over four million members in several countries. Members register with a local group and sign up for online posts. Members post "Offers" and "Wanted" ads. Offers range from free kitchen cabinets to puppies, but often magazines, books and periodicals are posted as free, as long as you're willing to drive to the pickup place and take them away. Post your "Wanted" ad for free gardening magazines and hope for a bountiful harvest of periodicals!

Free Trial Offers

Many magazines offer one to three months free of charge with a subscription. While we're not advocating signing up willy-nilly simply to get free magazines, if you are sincerely interested in a publication, this is an excellent way to review the magazines and ensure it meets your needs. Visit your favorite magazines' websites for current free offers.

Membership Offers

Many local and national garden clubs offer free magazines to their members. Although you will pay membership dues, free magazines or newsletters are typically part of the offer. The National Garden Club offers a free magazine as example.

Free Gardening Magazines Online

Check out the following free magazine offers:

  • Total Landscape Care provides tips on lawn and landscape maintenance. Sign up for a free one-year subscription.
  • Enjoy the online version of Organic Gardening magazine free-and keep paper out of the landfills by subscribing online.
  • Lowe's, the home improvement company, offers a free ideas magazine for home, garden and landscaping ideas. The Lowe's Garden Club promises a free newsletter too, along with coupons and special offers.
  • Weekend Gardener magazine provides a free online, digital version that's chock full of beautiful photography and sound advice.
  • Aimed at pond installation professionals, Pond Trade Magazine is available in print and online on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Read Fine Gardening online. Packed with pictures and articles on everything from ageratum to zinnias, Fine Gardening is one of the best-known and loved magazines for the gardening enthusiast.

Many states offer gardening magazines, but you must provide proof that you live within the state. Check your local newspapers and state horticultural departments to see if you can subscribe to free publications for your area.

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Free Gardening Magazines