Finding Indoor Garden Light Fixtures

The right lighting can help you grow healthy plants inside all year long.

A fixture garden indoor light can help keep your plants happy inside through the winter months, allow you to start seeds in the spring and keep your houseplants happy all year long without having to invest in a greenhouse.

Finding Indoor Garden Lights

If you have a local garden supply center that focuses on houseplants, orchids or other indoor gardening, you may be able to find indoor garden light fixtures there. Alternatively you should be able to find basic grow light bulbs and some fixtures to fit them at your favorite hardware or home improvement store.

If you'd rather shop online for these products, check out the following websites:

  • HTGSupply offers full systems, bulbs, lamps, and accessories for all your indoor gardening needs.
  • Gardener's Supply Company offers a number of indoor lighting options, including tabletop kits, high intensity lights, and lighted grow stands.
  • Gardens Alive! has a seed starting grow light that is made to fit above small container plants you're starting indoors.

Build Your Own Frame

If you buy a fixture garden indoor light that does not come with a frame, you will need some kind of mechanism that will hold the light and allow you to adjust the height of the light from the plants as they grow.

The good news is, this kind of construction project does not have to be difficult or that expensive. The Salt Lake County Cooperative Extension Service has great, simple plans on its website for a grow light frame built out of PVC pipe. You can change the width of the frame to suit your needs and the size of fixture you have. Adding chains to the light and hooks to the frame allow you to move the light up and down easily.

Extend the Gardening Season

Being able to grow plants inside is a great way to extend the season and to keep gardeners from getting itchy thumbs when they can't go play in the dirt outside. Setting up a proper grow light system will give your plants the best possible start.

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Finding Indoor Garden Light Fixtures