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How to Identify Maple Tree Varieties

How to Identify Maple Tree Varieties

With over a hundred species and nearly as many subspecies, maple tree identification can be tricky. Add in the countless cultivars available and differing growth habit due to site conditions, and the task can… Keep reading »

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Garden with trees

Trees are one of the best landscaping features you can add to your yard or garden. Trees can provide a shade canopy, while many species offer beautiful fall foliage, and others produce fruits and nuts.

Growing Trees for Their Sheer Beauty

You have an almost endless choice of beautiful trees for ornamental purposes, such as a centerpiece magnolia tree. Trees can be used as landscaping features based on their shapes, like a wispy willow. You might choose certain types of trees because they are evergreens, like an arborvitae.

Choices of Evergreen or Deciduous Trees

An evergreen tree will provide your garden with a green backdrop year round, while a deciduous tree will give you a stunning color display in the fall as it morphs from green to an array of brilliant color, like those offered by sugar maples.

Blooming Types of Trees

A blooming tree, such as a white or pink dogwood, can provide a magnificent spring display. You may prefer a blooming tree like the rose of Sharon that blooms throughout the growing season.

Fruit and Nut Trees

Many of the blooming trees also provide fruits or nuts. You may choose to grow fruit and nut-bearing trees as a vital part of your family's food harvest chest each year.

Pick Fruit From Your Backyard

You may choose to grow a pair of apple or pear trees in your backyard. Imagine the joy of stepping out into your backyard and picking an apple or pear to eat. There is nothing quite so fulfilling as caring for a fruit tree and being able to make foods from your harvest. This is especially delicious when it is an apple pie!

Growing Trees That Produce Nuts

Besides growing fruit trees, you have the option of growing trees that produce nuts. If you have large enough of a garden space, you can plant different nut trees. You may enjoy growing almond trees, pecan trees, or chestnut trees to provide a variety of nuts that your family can enjoy.

Growing, Maintaining and Caring for Trees

You may decide to set out seedlings and nurture them into strong, sturdy trees. You may want to explore fast-growing trees for certain areas in your garden, such as a living privacy fence. You'll want to maintain your trees, by learning how to mulch, and feed them. You'll also need to prune your trees, according to their specific upkeep requirements.

You Can Grow Trees for Food and Ornamental Beauty

Some trees that you can grow provide both ornamental beauty and a source of food. Decide on the ones you love to create a growing plan for garden beauty and edibles.

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