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English Garden Flowers

English Garden Flowers

English garden flowers call to mind Jane Austen-esque visions of rolling lawns, pebble pathways, and lush borders blooming with a profusion of plants. Although few homeowners boast property as big as Mansfield… Keep reading »

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Theme Garden

Theme gardens range from simple potted plants arranged on your front porch to complex garden layouts that sprawl the grounds surrounding your home. Designing a themed garden is fun and very rewarding.

Choosing Theme Gardens

Garden themes don't need to be complicated to have value and purpose. Your theme can be very general like a vegetable garden or a flower garden. You may decide to express your creative nature and design an eclectic or period style garden. You set the perimeters for this amazing project.

Bursts of Color and Life

You may enjoy creating a spring garden theme that brings forth a burst of color after a dreary gray winter. Be sure to include a quiet nook where you can curl up with a cup of chamomile tea and a good book. Give your children or grandchildren a glimpse of nature with a butterfly garden. The possibilities for a theme garden are endless.

Theme Gardens With a Purpose

One type of theme gardens is designed for a specific purpose. This garden can demonstrate or showcase a favorite aspect of nature.

  • A botanical garden can display your love for the interaction of the natural world, showcase your favorite ornamentals, or be shared as a teaching garden.
  • A garden can be based on a color theme, such as types of blue flowers.
  • A potager garden offers more than a utilitarian kitchen garden filled with vegetables, fruits, and flowers, is also aesthetically pleasing for spending time there, either working or relaxing.
  • You may wish to build a garden designed to capture the imagination by creating a whimsical and magical fairy garden.

Theme Gardens for Limited Spaces

A great way to play up a small or limited garden space is with a theme. If you're eco minded, you can create a sustainable green patio garden, or design a container garden for a patio or deck. You can select a vertical garden for an apartment garden solution. A window garden theme may be the perfect way to spruce up your house while adding color and greenery. If your gardening zone doesn't allow for tropical plants, you can create a themed container garden just for those warm months.

Meditation Theme Gardens

You may decide that a garden reflecting your ideology or provides a place to meditate is just for you. This could be a simple Zen garden design or something on a more personal level, such as a harmony garden.

Explore Exciting Theme Gardens

You can explore themed gardens from an English garden to plans for a rock garden. One you decide on the theme for your gardens, make sure you select plants ideal for your gardening zone. Ready to share your gardening prowess on social media? Find the perfect garden caption to match your spectacular images.

Garden Themes, Designs and Creative Ideas