Article Highlight: Tamarisk: Invasive Types of Shrubs and Trees

Tamarisk (Tamarix) is a graceful hardy shrub, also known as saltcedar and tamarix. Its distinct feathery pale pink flowers make this very invasive plant appear harmless. However, it is often blamed for altering… Keep reading »

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Formally, shrubs are multi-stemmed woody plants; in some species, the only difference between a shrub variety and a small tree variety is the presence of stems instead of a single trunk. They can lose their leaves each fall, or they can keep them throughout the winter. Evergreen varieties can have broad leaves or needles. They can be very small or grow to a height of 15 or 20 feet! There is a remarkably wide variety of plants referred to as bushes or shrubs.

Shrubs in Your Yard

These varieties are considered by many to be the most important plants in the garden! Few homeowners have enough space to grow a variety of trees. Annuals and perennials are only around for part of the year, and even then, they are usually small plants. Shrubs give bulk and substance to your landscape year-round.

Options for your garden:

  • Border your property with a boxwood hedge
  • Create a formal garden by edging flowerbeds with small or dwarf varieties
  • Add year-round color
  • Add height to desired areas of the garden
  • Create a solid wall of color during the blooming season
  • Make a 'wild garden' by planting native species along narrow, winding pathways
  • Create a tapestry hedge by planting a variety of plants with different growth habits and flowers
  • Hide the ugly foundation of your house or garage
  • Channel traffic by bordering walkways with shrubs
  • Screen ugly views
  • Set a mood by choosing shrubs with special foliage characteristics

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