Indoor Plant Care Basics and Resources

Identifying House Plants

Identifying House Plants

Maybe you bought a plant from a nursery, repotted it, and tossed the identification marker or you can't recall the names from that growing collection of potted plants. Knowing whether it's an upright or hanging… Keep reading »

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You can enjoy the beauty of the natural world when you include indoor plants in your home décor. Learn easy plant care to ensure your indoor plants remain healthy.

How to Choose Indoor Plants

There are many choices when it comes to indoor plants. You want to consider the type of sun requirements a plant may need.

Tracking the Sun

Sometimes it is a trail and error when it comes to selecting the best indoor plants for your home. You may need to reposition plants according to the natural lighting in a room or move a plant into another room that receives more sunlight.

Indirect Light and Plants

If you have rooms that don't receive a lot of natural light, there are indoor plants that thrive in low light or indirect light circumstances. There are many houseplants that prefer low light or shade environments.

Plant Habitat Requirements

Other plants may require an environment that isn't conducive to a healthy home. For example, some tropical plants require high humidity environments that aren't ideal for inside a home.

Indoor Plant Care

You want to consider the different types of indoor plant care when choosing your indoor plants. For example, you may be intimidated about growing orchids, but find caring for an indoor gardenia easy.

Problems in Growing Indoor Plants

The main problem most people encounter when growing indoor plants is over watering that results in plant leaves turning yellow. Early recognition of this over-caring problem can prevent the plant from dying.

Detecting Other Issues With Indoor Plants

There are other care issues you may face when growing plants indoors. These can range from chlorinated water effects to over fertilizing that burns the plant roots.

Best Plants for Certain Rooms

A fun part of growing indoor plants is adding live plants to various rooms in your home. The addition of live plants has an aesthetic appeal. You can discover the best indoor plants for your bathroom and which plants are good for an office space.

Benefit of Natural Air Scrubbers

Besides the ability to feel as though you're in nature, indoor plants have amazing health benefits. Indoor plants, such as ferns, are natural air scrubbers. This means your houseplants can purify the air in your home and remove harmful textiles and cleaning toxins. You can add super air scrubbing plants to get the maximum benefits of having indoor plants.

Grow Vegetable Plants Indoors

With hydroponic technology and the aid of grow lights, you can create an indoor vegetable garden. At the very least, you can grow herbs on a kitchen window sill or a couple of leaf lettuces for salads.

Benefit of Growing Indoor Plants

There are many healthy benefits from growing indoor plants. The most beneficial is the joy and beauty that live indoor plants give to your daily life.

Indoor Plant Care Basics and Resources