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An herb garden is a very important garden that most gardeners value. Growing herbs isn't just for herbalists, since you can use them in cooking and canning your homegrown vegetables.

How to Plant an Herb Garden

You must first decide which herbs you wish to grow. You can use a basic herb garden theme, such as a kitchen or tea herb garden.

Choose a Location for Your Herb Garden

Once you know which herb seeds you'll need to plant your garden, you need to come up with your herb garden layout. This will be based on soil, sun, and water requirements for each herb.

Convenient Location for Herb Garden Is a Must!

Another consideration is convenience to your kitchen. You want to locate your herb garden where it will be easy to step out of your kitchen to grab a handful of fresh oregano, basil, rosemary, and thyme to season the dinner dish you're preparing. You don't want to trek 500 yards just to cut fresh cilantro for your guacamole. Chances are that an herb garden that far from your kitchen won't be used the same way as an herb garden located a few steps from your kitchen door.

Growing Herbs Is Easy

Herbs, especially Mediterranean herbs, are very easy to grow. Drought resistant ones, like Mediterranean herbs, are forgiving of neglect. You don't need to nurture and fertilize herbs like you do vegetables, making this a nearly carefree plant to grow.

Growing Herb Seeds and Transplanting in Your Garden

It is very economical to plant herb seeds. In fact, you may want to start your seeds inside and then transplant the seedlings in your herb garden. You can grow medicinal herbs and ones that make a great soothing tea, like chamomile.

The Joy of Planting an Herb Garden

You will derive a lot of pleasure from growing herbs and having your own herb garden. Fresh herbs provide nutrition and exceptional taste to the meals you prepare.

Tending to Your Herb Garden