Groundcover Plants and Garden Vines

11 Summer-Blooming Ground Cover Plants for Landscaping

11 Summer-Blooming Ground Cover Plants for Landscaping

The term ground cover is used to describe low-growing plants that spread over an area of ground. Gardeners often use ground cover plants as a lower-maintenance substitute for grass, to suppress weeds, or as a… Keep reading »

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Groundcover and garden vines are excellent garden features that add aesthetics and functional purposes to any garden. Garden vines or a groundcover can provide colorful flowers while some vines produce edible fruits for a romantic flair to your garden design.

Groundcover for a Low-Maintenance Solution

A groundcover is a low-maintenance solution for your garden. This wonderful addition to your garden can make your life much easier as soon as the plants begin to spread out. A groundcover plant grows over the ground and is often used in areas to prevent erosion. In landscaping, it is a favored treatment where grass doesn't grow. It can be grown underneath shrubbery in the place of mulch.

Groundcover Accent Plant for Walls

Flowering ground covers are often used to accent rock or other masonry walls. The cascading effect of groundcover plants gives a garden wall a new look and nostalgic appeal.

Choose Groundcovers That Bloom

You can use a groundcover guide for your garden project for more exciting choices. You may decide to select a groundcover that offers colorful blooms each spring and/or summer. You may prefer a groundcover like red creeping thyme that produces bright magenta flowers, and the leaves turn a burnished color in fall. Many groundcovers, like red creeping thyme, are considered invasive, so you want to be sure you confine its growth.

Plant an Evergreen Groundcover Instead of Grass

An evergreen groundcover is a beautiful solution for an area in your yard or garden where grass is hard to grow. You may decide to plant an evergreen groundcover in an area that is difficult to mow. If you have a shaded lawn that has patches of grass and lots of bare areas, then an evergreen ground cover might be better for curb appeal.

How to Use Garden Vines in Your Garden

Many gardens are filled with a variety of plants that have horizontal lines. Garden vines can be used to create vertical lines. The use of vertical vines will add depth and interest to your overall garden design. You can achieve visual appeal when you select blooming vines, especially those with unusual foliage colors.

Plant Garden Vines That Produce Fruits and Berries

You can choose garden vines that produce fruits and berries as part of an edible landscape. You may enjoy training a grapevine to grow over an arbor for a romantic outside dining area.

Train Vines to Climb Trellises

You may decide to add trellises to areas in your garden where you want to grow vertical plants. It's easy to train vines to climb up trellises to provide additional garden design interest.

Add Color With Garden Vines

A variegated vine foliage can brighten a dark garden corner. You may choose climbing jasmine vines for your newly installed trellises. If you wish to plant flowering garden vines, a morning glory vine is reminiscent of a country garden. For a touch of the tropical, you can use a mandevilla vining plant with its large exotic blossoms.

Forever Green With Evergreen Garden Vines

Evergreen vines are among the most low-maintenance plants you can have in a garden. Evergreen garden vines can fill in garden areas vacated by winter die offs and provide a lush backdrop for spring and summer flowering plants.

Exciting Ideas for Groundcovers and Garden Vines

You can use flowering climbing vines and groundcovers to define special garden spaces. You can create a wall effect with cascading, elegant wisteria. A niche sitting area can be accented with creeping red sedum or trumpet creeper vine.

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Create a Hidden Garden

You can create a hidden sitting area or private dining area by using vines. Aromatic groundcovers can be planted to cushion the ground or planted between stepping stone walkways. You can add a touch of mystery and magic when you border a winding narrow footpath with a flowering groundcover.

Garden Vines and Groundcovers for Camoflauge

If your house has an ugly foundation, you can camoflauge it with a garden vine. You can hide an ugly view by creating a living screen with a trellis to support a beautiful climbing hydrangea.

A Groundcover and Garden Vines Add Texture to Your Garden

You may have felt something was missing in your garden design, but weren't sure what it was until you discovered the many vines and groundcovers available. You can take advantage of these exciting landscaping solutions to add depth and a mystical ambience to your garden spaces.

Groundcover Plants and Garden Vines