Groundcovers and Vines

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Orange Creeping Trumpet Flower (Campsis radicans)

Groundcovers and climbing vines are decorative and functional additions to almost any garden. You can add colorful flowers and even vines that produce edible fruits with a touch of the mystique, such as twisted grapevines.

Groundcovers and Vines Offer Low Maintenance Solutions

Are you looking for a low maintenance solution to keep your garden looking great? Groundcovers and vines are among the most low-maintenance plants in the garden. You can plant them where grass is hard to grow or difficult to mow. These wonderful garden additions will make your life much easier as soon as the plants begin to spread up and out.

Instant Magical Landscaping Solutions

You can begin to enjoy the benefits of instant landscaping that groundcovers and vines provide. Maybe you filled your garden with a variety of plants but the lines are all horizontal. It's time to add vertical lines.

Add Vertical Contrast With Vines

Break up those boring horizontal lines with a few, well-placed vines for that needed vertical contrast in your garden space. You can also add a great deal of visual appeal with blooming vines and groundcovers, especially those with unusual foliage colors.

Exciting Garden Ideas

You can learn how to use flowering climbing vines and groundcovers to define garden spaces. You can also use these versatile plants to accent areas in your garden.

Wisteria plants and white bench

Create a Hidden Garden

You can create a romantic hidden sitting area or private dining area by using vines to drape a rock wall and cushion a garden floor with an aromatic groundcover. Other ways to use vines and ground covers include:

  • Cover a ditch or bank with a beautiful flowering groundcover.
  • Groundcovers and cascading vines help to control soil erosion.
  • Groundcovers are a great way to add year-round color.
  • Grow something beautiful in difficult areas, such as underneath a maple tree canopy.
  • Tackle the north side of your house with shade loving vines and groundcovers.
  • Make a "wild" garden by planting along narrow, winding pathways defined with a groundcover.
  • Hide the ugly foundation of your house or garage with a vine.
  • Screen ugly views with a trellis supporting a beautiful climbing hydrangea.
  • Set the mood by choosing vines and groundcovers with special foliage characteristics, such as an elegant wisteria.
  • Attract butterflies or hummingbirds with vines and groundcovers.

Use Groundcovers and Vines to Accessorize Your Garden

You may have felt something was missing in your garden design, but weren't sure just what it was until you discovered the many vines and groundcovers available. Take advantage of these exciting landscaping solutions to add greater depth and a mystical feeling to your garden spaces.

Groundcovers and Vines