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There are 13 hardiness zones in the United States. Zone 3, like all hardiness zones, is divided into two subsets - 3a and 3b. The zone designations are guideposts for selecting plants best suited to survive the… Keep reading »

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Why Gardening Zones Are Important

To get the best results from your plants it is important to know your garden zone. Orange trees grow wonderfully in Florida but your results will be less than spectacular if you try to grow one in Wisconsin. As you flip through your seed catalogs you will notice each item has an indicator of the gardening zone or zones that each variety will thrive in. Many varieties will grow outside of their indicated zone; but for the best results you will want to follow the guidelines for the gardening zone that you live in. Later, when your basic garden is established you may want to be more adventurous and try other varieties as well.

Where am I?

Generally, the coldest part of the country will range from zone one through zone six. These areas have their coldest average annual temperatures in the below zero range. Zones seven through 11 will have their coldest annual average in the above zero range. To determine your exact gardening zone, look in any seed catalog. You will find inside a colorful map showing the zone locations. Now, you are ready to select the plants that will thrive in your garden.


Gardening is a hobby that you can enjoy season after season, especially when you're planting the right things for the area where you live. Any time you're looking for gardening tips and ideas, come back to LoveToKnow Garden!

Gardening Zones