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Tips for Growing Medicinal Herbs From Richo Cech

Tips for Growing Medicinal Herbs From Richo Cech

Recently, LoveToKnow was able to speak with author and renown herbalist Richo Cech about growing medicinal herbs in the home garden in this Horizon Herbs interview. Horizon Herbs, founded by Richo Cech, is a… Keep reading »

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Garden interviews cover a wide range of subjects. You can learn about everything from honey bees to making stepping stones along with how to grow foods, flowers, shrubs and trees. Maybe you want to find out how to make a topiary, or perhaps you're looking for a clear explanation of the different planting zones. You'll find all that and more, right here.

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Types of gardening experts interviewed are as vast as gardening itself. We offer interviews with horticulture specialists, apiary experts, authors of gardening books, some who have designed innovative gardening tools or products and more. One thing is for sure; you'll find a wealth of information!

With so many new things going on in the world of gardening, there is always something to learn. Gardening interviews give you the latest information so you can use it to improve your landscape and they also remind gardeners of tried and true tips and techniques. Take the opportunity to read year-round, even when gardening isn't possible. It will help you prepare your garden plan before you even get your hands dirty.

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