Garden Décor to Enhance Any Space

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Patio Paver Calculator for Square and Round Designs

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One garden gnome standing in back garden

Garden decor can enhance the beauty and overall look of your garden. The accents you choose give your garden its style and identity. Garden decorations can be used to draw visitors to your garden, to call attention to specific aspects of the garden, or to liven up uninteresting areas.

Choosing Garden Decor

You can approach garden decorating the same way you would interior decorating. Start by identifying the mood or theme. Will it be formal or casual, traditional or unique? What is the predominant color scheme in the garden? The decorations you choose might be used to infuse your garden with a sense of history, mystery, wildness, or whimsy.

When choosing garden decorations, let your imagination be your guide. Typical garden decorations include wind chimes, orbs, gnomes, fountains, and even bird feeders. You can go with traditional garden decor or think outside of the box, using anything that strikes your fancy, such as an old bicycle, antique garden tools, a favorite rock, a handmade mosaic, or even an outdoor fireplace. Let your garden reflect your personality.

Using Statues in Your Garden

No garden decor is complete without a statue or two. Gardens can be adorned with large, intricate statues or small garden gnomes. The statues can be of just about anything ranging from woodland creatures, to heavenly figures, to edgy and modern designs. When deciding on a statue, choose something that suits your personality as well as your overall garden style.

Fun With Fountains and Ponds

Water features are creative additions to any garden, and there are countless options for decorative water elements designed for garden spaces. Solar water fountains function without an electrical component and are popular choices for many outdoor and garden lovers, while cherub water fountains play on history and classical statue forms. There is a landscape water feature for just about every possible aesthetic taste and budget.

Light It Up

Gardens are beautiful spaces to enjoy during the daytime hours, but don't count out nighttime! While you won't be able to gaze upon brightly colored flowers in the dark of night, gardens can still be enjoyed with the right lighting elements added. Solar lighting is a popular choice for many. During the daytime, lights gather sunlight and then come alive when darkness falls. Garden lanterns can be hung from posts, wire, and tree branches, and paths can be illuminated with different types of lights.

Edgy Edging

Lovely lawn edging can elevate a garden while giving it structure. Borders help create a division between gardening and lawn. There are a number of materials that can be used as decorative edging. Brick is a common and easy material used for edging, as are stones. Flowerbeds can get a boost from fun and funky edging such as glass bottles, rubber, piping, and other interesting materials.

Add Stunning Stepping Stones

If you want to add decor and functionality to a garden space, then stepping stones might be a perfect option for you. No one wants to trample garden plants, so stepping stones help people know just where to walk. Aside from being very useful, they add a decorative element that can be based on any number of design preferences.

Stepping stones are easily handmade for those who can follow a tutorial. Garden aficionados can also choose to purchase decorative stepping stones in varying shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

Turn Tree Stumps Into Whimsical Conversation Pieces

A tree stump can be an unsightly component of a garden, but with a bit of imagination, a plain old stub quickly transforms into something beautiful and interesting. Tree stumps can be made into fun little faux-homes, natural seats, and statues. With a bit of brainpower and some craftiness, boring tree stumps can suddenly become an eclectic garden element.

DIY Your Way to a Decorative Garden

Decorating a garden can get pricey, but creative minds can save a few pennies while personalizing their decor with some DIY projects. Birdhouses building, garden markers, and hummingbird feeders are fairly simple projects that the entire family can help out with. Homemade benches, garden swings, and other seating elements can also be created with some carefully laid out plans, tools, and plenty of time.

Sometimes Small Says It All

When thinking about garden decor, you don't have to go big, you can add smaller elements for a fun and whimsical flair to your outdoor space. Adding colorful birdhouses to trees and other parts of your yard will attract colorful, tweeting birds. Gazing balls, pinwheels, and wind chimes are also smaller elements that can make a huge impact in a garden. A beautiful birdbath or a tiny, intricate fairy garden might be just the touch of decor that you are aiming for.

Decorating for Outdoor Living

You can use garden decor to create garden rooms for outdoor gatherings and relaxing. Create living walls with hedges, flower borders, or potted plants. The floor could be either a lawn or a patio made of brick or stone. If the area lacks shade or shelter, put up a gazebo or patio umbrellas. Furnish the space with comfortable seating and tables. Various types of furniture in wood, metal, wicker, and plastic are appropriate for outdoor decorating. Use wrought-iron lanterns or solar-powered fixtures to provide light after the sun goes down.

When it comes to decorating the garden, the possibilities are endless. Tailor your garden to your style, your budget, and your decorating ability level.

Garden Décor to Enhance Any Space