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Recipe for Vinegar Weed Killer

Recipe for Vinegar Weed Killer

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Gardening Basics

You might think that gardening just starts with tilling up some land and jumping into the dirt headfirst. But before you even reach for a shovel, there are many aspects of gardening that you need to consider. Armed with the correct gardening basics, anyone can be a planting master.

Gardening Basics of Design

Before you even get out your gardening tools, you'll want to figure out your garden layout. Are you looking for a run-of-the-mill backyard garden? Maybe you don't have a backyard and need to figure out a rooftop garden or an apartment garden. You could have way too much backyard and want to get fancy with your flower garden through a labyrinth garden design or formal garden design. Knowing what you're working with and what you want to accomplish is the first place to start.

Preparing Your Soil

Once you've got your design in hand, you can't just start attacking the ground. Learn what type of soil you are working with and what plants will do best in the soil that you have. Even if you are working with clay, you can find out how to prepare clay for gardening or even amend clay soil. If organic is in your master plan, learn how to build up your organic soil for growing. Soil is an incredibly important component of gardening, so take the time before you plant and get to know your soil up close and personally.

Choosing Your Plants

Choosing the plants to add to your garden space is really the most fun part of the gardening experience. Decide if you are going to stick with flowers or focus on vegetables. Will you be planting outdoors or inside? Are you going to grow your plants from seed or purchase starter plants from a store?

Seedling Versus Starter Plants

To really get the entire gardening experience, you'll want to raise your plants from the ground up (pun totally intended.) Starting plants from seeds takes extra time and care, and not all seeds are created equally. Seeds get planted at different times of the year, and some seeds are easier to grow than others. If you already have a garden flourishing, you can take your gardening technique up a notch and harvest your own seeds.

If you have missed the window for seed planting for the year, or if it just seems too complex to start from there, you can head to most local gardening stores and pick up starter plants. These tiny plants have already started to grow and bloom and will transplant into your garden easily.

Knowing Flower Planting Basics

People love keeping flower gardens because they are beautiful to gaze upon. Flowers add a layer of beauty to most outdoor spaces. Some flowers are meant to bloom in the spring, while others reach their peak in the fall. Many gardeners like to combine annual flowers with perennial plants, giving gardens depth and year-round appeal. When gardens really take off and start growing, gardeners will need to learn how to split and transplant plants.

Knowing Vegetable Garden Basics

Having a veggie garden means having fresh produce at your fingertips. Growing a vegetable garden is a fun and easy experience for people of all ages. Singles can relish in this timeless hobby, and families can bond while digging in the dirt. To get the very best produce yield possible, follow a vegetable gardening guide.

How to Keep Indoor Plants Alive and Thriving

If you are tight on outdoor space, you can still enjoy raising plants indoors. You'll have to change up your game plan and techniques, but even for those with little growing experience, indoor gardens can certainly be created and maintained with the right care.

Getting the Right Tools

If you are just starting out with gardening, there is no need to rush out and buy everything that your local gardening store has in stock. A few essential gardening supplies will get the job done without breaking the bank. Different kinds of gardening requires different tools, so tailor your gardening toolkit to the kind of gardening you plan on doing.

Garden Maintenance

Once you begin on your garden basics, the real work starts. There is so much to do from pruning back vines and shrubs to using the right fertilizer to make sure your garden flourishes. When the clouds roll in you can have a break from the chore of watering, and your seedlings will look as though they have doubled in size after drinking in the rain.

Greenhouse Know-How

If you are ready to take your basic knowledge of gardening to the next level, then consider creating a greenhouse for year-round growing. With the right knowledge and materials, even those who are still working on gaining a green thumb can probably manage a greenhouse. Not only will you find out how they work, but you can figure out how to build a greenhouse yourself. Once you've got your building ready, there are tips to help you use your greenhouse to its maximum potential.

Getting Ready for Winter

Your gardening chores don't end when the sun starts to hide for winter. You need to think about the best ways to protect your plants for winter. This might include winterizing your perennials, like protecting your roses. If you use a water irrigation system, then you'll need to learn how to winterize your water systems too.

Garden Basics for the Perfect Garden

It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner; there are garden basics that you need to know in order to have a successful garden. Get started and stay motivated with your perfect garden.

Gardening Basics for Every Interest