Growing Fruits and Berries

How to Store Apples for Short-Term or Long-Term Freshness

How to Store Apples for Short-Term or Long-Term Freshness

It's apple season, and your kitchen runneth over with this sweet, juicy fruit. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep this goodness going for months to come, with proper planning and storage. Discover… Keep reading »

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Growing fruit and growing berries is fun and easier than you might think. With a little pre-planning, you can grow delicious berries and fruits for your family.

Growing Fruit Trees From Seeds

It is possible to grow an orange tree, peach tree, and other fruit trees from a seed. Growing a fruit tree, such as a peach tree from the pit seed, will require a great deal of patience since fruit trees grown from seeds are slow growing. However, the peach from your tree may not be like the delicious one you used to harvest the seeds.

Fruit Trees Produced From Grafting

Most fruit trees, especially commercially grown for fruit production, are meticulously grafted trees to obtain the juiciest and most delicious fruit possible. Most gardeners prefer to buy a two- or three-year-old fruit tree that is ready to produce fruit.

Prune Fruit Trees to Increase Production

Since most fruit trees are from grafts, you want to understand the proper way to prune a fruit tree. This will prevent you from cutting off the grafted part that produces the perfected fruit.

Treating and Preventing Fruit Tree Diseases

There are specific diseases that various fruit trees are susceptible to contract. You can learn how to prevent mango tree diseases, apple tree diseases, or peach tree diseases.

Branch Out to Growing Berries

If you're going to grow fruit trees, you'll probably enjoy growing berries. Delicious strawberries are an all-time favorite berry to grow in your home garden. If you plan to grow blackberries, you may wish to select a thornless blackberry for easy picking.

Select Berries That Produce More Than Once

You can plant raspberries and strawberries that produce all season, or you can stagger the growing season with plants that produce at various times throughout the season, so you have plenty for making jams and pies. Blueberries are another great berry to grow that like the other berries can be frozen for winter use.

Expand Your Food Garden by Growing Berries and Growing Fruit

Growing vegetables is a mainstay for many gardeners. When you expand your food garden with fruit trees and berries, you set up perennial food production that doesn't require a great deal of effort.

Growing Fruits and Berries