Bamboo Indoor Fountain

bamboo water fountain

A bamboo indoor fountain is the perfect way to add the peace and tranquility of a traditional Japanese garden to your home décor. The beauty of bamboo and the relaxing sound of running water fit nicely into any decorating scheme in any room. There are many styles to choose from; pick one that feels special to you.


Bamboo has long been a symbol of longevity, friendship, perseverance and protection from evil. It has a timeless beauty that adds elegance and even a bit of mystery to your home landscape. Many gardeners shy away from using bamboo in their gardens because some types have a tendency to take over an area very quickly. If you are one of these gardeners, you can still enjoy the grace and beauty of bamboo-just add it to your indoor garden.Many people enjoy "Lucky Bamboo" in their homes and it is an important addition to your home according to feng shui teaching. While this isn't a true bamboo, it is easy to care for and attractive. However, including a bamboo indoor fountain is a way to add tranquility to your home in a way you have never experienced. Some of these fountains include Lucky Bamboo along with real or faux bamboo stalks to bring a bit of an outdoor garden indoors.

Relaxing Indoor Gardens

Bamboo Water Fountain

You can just add a small tabletop indoor bamboo fountain to a room and have instant relaxation. However, you can go even farther and create an entire indoor garden space which includes an enchanting fountain. With this kind of indoor atmosphere, you may not even notice if it is too cold outside to enjoy gardening.

Select a large fountain as a focal point. You can even build a small pond in a corner of your home with a fountain trickling into it. Surround it with a variety of tropical houseplants that will thrive in the selected area of your home. If the spot is shaded, with little natural light, choose low light plants or consider adding grow light fixtures so your plants have to proper lighting to thrive.

Likely your plants will benefit from the added humidity that your bamboo fountain provides. You will benefit as well from this new oasis within your home. You will find yourself spending a great deal of time here and may not want to tear yourself away!

Finding Bamboo Indoor Fountains

Bamboo Cascading Fountain at Amazon
Bamboo Cascading Fountain

Now that you have decided to build an indoor garden with a bamboo fountain, it is time to select the perfect fountain for your needs. There are many, many styles to choose from so you first need to decide the size that will fit into your home.Do you just want a small, tabletop fountain in your bedroom so you can enjoy the light, soothing sound of water lulling you to sleep? Do you plan to build an indoor landscape in a corner of your living room or sun room? The type of fountain you pick will depend on the effect you want to create in your home.

Visit a few of these online retailers for inspiration. You will find endless possibilities.

  • Hayneedle has an awesome selection of bamboo fountains for your home. Ranging from small, tabletop fountains to larger styles, this store is worth checking out.
  • Wish I Had That has a nice selection of bamboo fountains as well as lots of other indoor fountains and home décor items. This is the place to shop when you are ready to go all out.
  • has a very impressive selection of bamboo indoor fountains.

A Relaxing Touch for Your Decor

Add a touch of class while infusing an atmosphere of relaxation to your home. Include an indoor bamboo fountain in any room and have an instant garden element in your home all year round.

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Bamboo Indoor Fountain