Where Can I Purchase Lava Rocks

Lava rocks

Have you asked yourself "Where can I purchase lava rocks"? Whether you are doing some outdoor landscaping or need some lava rocks for indoor use, lava rocks are more accessible than you might imagine.

What Are Lava Rocks?

A big misconception is that lava rocks are not really lava. Lava is the liquid rock that comes from a volcano that erupts. You've seen that running orange liquid rolling down a volcano? That's lava. Most companies sell volcanic rock, which is interchangeable with the term lava rock, or the hardened version of the molten lava. Depending on when the cooling occurred, lava rocks can have different densities and weights. Rocks that cooled in the air after being shot from the volcano contain more air bubbles and are lighter.

Many companies mine obsidian or flint as it also known. The obsidian rocks make great landscaping material or even road or driveway material. It's possible to find lava rocks that are boulder-sized or even penny-sized to cater to all kinds of needs.

Where Can I Purchase Lava Rocks?

If you want to find the best deals, you'll probably have to look online. There are some great web companies from which to buy:

  • Red Dome supplies landscaping companies across the United States. Head to the "Ordering" section to find retailers in your state or near you. You can check out videos of landscapes that have used their rock and a gallery of pictures of customer's homes.
  • Colorado Lava is another good online source to answer, "Where can I purchase lava rocks." This company supplies many of the major hardware retailers like Home Depot and Lowe's, but you can order from the company directly if you don't have a local hardware store. If you are considering using mass amounts of Lava rocks because you are a landscaper or a reseller, then you should ask about their bulk pricing. They also have special credit lines you can apply for if you plan on purchasing a lot over time.
  • FireRocks has many different types of lava rocks for sale including natural, red, black, chocolate and lava rocks for landscaping and gas grills as well as lava rocks for aquariums. However, you arrange for your own shipping, whether it's a small amount or a truckload amount. If your provide shipping costs and materials, the Firerocks company will load it anyway they can. They do provide pallets and totes for extra fees.
  • At Duralite Rocks, you can purchase fake lava rocks that can be molded and hand-sculpted to your specifications. Certain types of this synthetic rock are made for water and furniture and for special landscaping projects. This company specializes in unique lava rock needs. If you can think it, they can sculpt and mold it.

Offline Resources

Are there places to find lava rocks that aren't located online? Some of the first places you should try are hardware stores, in their landscaping section. Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards and Ace Hardware are good places to start. During the spring, when stores are gearing up for the summer, they usually house some kind of outdoor center for landscaping and planting. Store you may not have thought of are:

  • Lowes
  • Wal-Mart
  • Grocery Stores like Jewel

Other places to try locally are landscaping companies and garden centers or any store that deals with outdoor fun. You can usually find a good selection of lava rocks for most of your needs. If you need small rocks, like for aquariums or terrariums, then consider shopping at a pet store. You can find the smaller lava rocks at a pet shop.

All Kinds of Projects

If you have that special project that you need lava rocks for, hopefully the question, "Where can I purchase lava rocks" has been answered for you.

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Where Can I Purchase Lava Rocks