Different Kinds of Stonecrop Sedum

Different Kinds of Stonecrop Sedum


There are many different kinds of stonecrop sedum. Stonecrop and sedum are actually the same plant. They are a group of tough plants that can withstand drought, poor soil, and harsh conditions. Many gardeners add them to stone walls or pathways. Just give sedum full sun and it should do well in almost any garden.

Sedum Autumn Glow


Sedum Autumn Glow offers bright red-colored flowers on green stems. Flowers are attractive to bees and the plants do well in dry, hot, sunny areas.

Yellow Sedum


There are so many varieties of yellow sedum that it's difficult to list just one. Jenny's Stonecrop is the most common one found in gardens, but there are many, many others. Yellow offers a bright punch of color in the alpine garden or rock garden.

Sedum Autumn FIre


Sedum Autumn Fire offers green foliage and bright red flowers. As they open, they flatten out. Sedum Autumn Fire is more drought and heat tolerant than its precursor, Sedum Autumn Joy, which looks similar.

Pink Sedum


Like yellow sedum, there are many, many types of pink sedum or stonecrop. Some like the one pictured here have bright green foliage, while others like Sedum Mr Goodbud offer hot pink flowers and red-tinted green foliage.

Creeping Sedum


Creeping sedum forms a dense mat by sending out runners. This 'creeping' method enables the plant to set down new shoots and establish additional parent plants, who in turn send out more runners. It's useful for covering large areas such as slopes.

Sedums for Every Garden


There are so many different kinds of stonecrop sedums there's sure to be a sedum for every garden. They're tough, drought tolerant, and don't mind poor soils. Whether you want beautiful green foliage or ruby red foliage and bright flowers, look in your local garden center for stonecrop or sedums that are perfect for your garden.

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Different Kinds of Stonecrop Sedum