Pictures of Bellingrath Gardens in Alabama

Bellingrath Gardens in Alabama

The Bellingrath Gardens in Alabama cover 65 acres. No matter what time of the year you visit, you'll find various flowers blooming everywhere. Visitors can expect to see azaleas, Easter lilies, pansies, hydrangeas, tulips, impatiens, and petunias along with dozens of other flowers in the springtime. Later in the year you'll find delphiniums, fuchsia, geraniums, Mexican Heather and begonias. Flower enthusiasts can wander over two-miles of pathways that meander through a rockery, grotto and a lake. Visitors may also go on a cruise to enjoy flowers growing along the waterway.

Rose Garden

The Bellingrath Rose Garden is considered to be one of the top rose gardens in the United States.


Visitors in the spring will be greeted with a profusion of lilies lining the two-acres of pathways through the garden.

The Rockery

The rockery provides visitors with a peaceful place to take in the beautiful view.

The Grotto

The lush surroundings of the grotto provide the perfect place to stop and take photographs.

Mirror Lake

Stop and enjoy the view of blooming azaleas when you walk across the bridge on Mirror Lake.

Flowers in Bloom

Mr. Bellingrath was once quoted as saying "The Gardens are like a beautiful woman with a different gown for each week of the year." Visit Bellingrath Gardens any time for views that won't disappoint!

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Pictures of Bellingrath Gardens in Alabama